Arizona Onstage Productions

Director: Kevin Johnson ♦ Vocal Instructor: Daniel Tenney ♦ Orchestra Conductor: Tim Warren ♦ Sound Designer: Jon Marbry ♦ Stage Manager: Stephen Giannoble ♦
Scenic Design & Stage Manager: Katrina Steib ♦ Lighting Designer:
Ray Vaughn Rai ♦ Costume Coordination and Design: Kristina Sloan & Artie Stone ♦

Featuring Juan Aguirre, Robyn Austin, Kriste' Belt, Dan Colecchia
Lucian Dell'Acqua, Zafiro Dell'Acqua, Tyler Gastelum, Marianna Hauglie
Shira Maas, Samson McCrady, Jody Mullen, Jamie Pruden
Corina Riggs, Sean Saleh, Marren Sanders, Lauren Schorr
Trevor Sexton, Kristina Sloan, Tom Spencer, Jacinda Rose Swinehart
Daniel Tenney, Thomas Wilson, Andrea Young, Nick Zhu

The fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel meets the even grimmer and more fantastical imagination of Kirk Wood Bromley in this enchanting new musical fable. Jessica Grace Wing's haunting, classically flavored music combined with Bromley's Joycean word-tossing is a treat for the theatergoer that is looking for something unique and perfect for the Fall season.

Jacinda Rose Swinehart as Mamba. Photo by Tim Fuller

Please note that LOST contains certain language and references that might be considered scary to some children. This production features a cast of 20 professional performers, life-size puppets, and a full musical orchestra.

LOST is the story of Hanlon and Gabby, two teenage siblings abandoned by their father in the Great Smokey Mountains. Stumbling upon a cabin, they are whisked into the world of Mamba, a witch who harvests the organs of children to keep herself alive and young.

Carl Pruitt, puppet hoodoo, Jacinda Swinehart as Mamba, puppet hoodoo, Corina Riggs as Gabby and Jody Mullen as Hanlon. Photo by Tim Fuller

Enslaved, Gabby and Hanlon face off with Laborious (Mamba's evil scientist husband), zombie children from 400 years of American History, axe-wielding hoodoos (real ghosts and characters from folklore of the Appalachian region), and the vagaries of young love.

Jody Mullen as Hanlon and Jamie Pruden as Ivy. Photo by Tim Fuller
Mamba and Laborious prepare for the body-theft of Hanlon's brain and Gabby's womb, but the mysterious appearance of a white fawn changes everything.

Kriste' Belt as White Fawn tries to warn Jody Mullen as Hanlon and Corina Riggs as Gabby. Photo by Tim Fuller hspace=

Is LOST Appropriate for my Child?

Jessica Grace Wing was a Tucson native and graduate of University High School.

Go to Jessica Grace Wing for more information about Jessica and LOST.

Presented by the Inverse Theater in New York City in July 2003, three weeks after Jessica's death from colon cancer.

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Performances at Zuzi's Theatre, 738 N. 5th Ave. (corner of 5th Ave. and University)

Saturday, November 8, 8pm
Sunday, November 9, 2pm
Sunday, November 9, 5pm

Parking available for the Sunday 5pm at a secure parking lot on the east side of Herbert Ave. (between 4th and 5th Ave.) -- attendant available.

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