“The fearsome critter [Tyrone], who takes possession of a troubled teenagerís left arm in Robert Askin’s darkly delightful play really inspires goose bumps as he unleashes a reign of terror… But heís also flat-out hilarious, spewing forth acid comedy that will turn those goose bumps into guffaws.” —The New York Times.

“Furiously funny…Askin’s most impressive talent is his ability to make us laugh while juggling those big themes that make life so terrifying: death, depression, alcoholism, sexual guilt, emotional repression, religious hypocrisy and the eternal battle between your good puppet and your bad puppet.” —Variety.

“A scathingly funny scenario that steadily darkens into suspense and visions of hell, this fiery clash of the id, ego and superego is also an audacious commentary on the uses of faith, both to comfort and control us.” —The Hollywood Reporter.

“I donít know which I want to do more: Sing Hallelujah — or wash its dirty little mouth out with soap. … Clearly a singular vision is at work here, with playwright Robert Askins venturing successfully into territory—satire—rich with potholes.” —Deadline.

“HAND TO GOD is so ridiculously raunchy, irreverent and funny it“s bound to leave you sore from laughing. Ah, hurts so good.” — New York Daily News.